Shock Absorber SAF

Shock absorber with fully automatic suspension adjustment in under 10 milliseconds – acceleration and range sensors relay relevant data and SAF automatically optimises the damping function as you ride. Option of a basic configuration that includes other functions defined by the manufacturer: a mouse click is sufficient for the rider to adjust settings.

Technical Data

Assembly length 100% custom-built to order
Stroke depth 100% custom-built to order
Diameter 14-18mm piston rod, 40-50mm tube
Suitable for Street, Offroad

Overview of success factors

  • SAF puts an end to compromises in the suspension set-up. Performance, comfort and safety are no longer a contradiction in terms, but can provide the perfect combination. A proportional valve regulates the damping, reacting within milliseconds to relevant parameters such as braking power, acceleration, gradient etc. Especially when the SAF and other electronic systems such as ABS are interconnected (using BUS), it can provide a new, unequalled level of riding safety.

  • The SAF system has an extremely wide adjustment range of up to 70%  of the damping resistance and the rider can use it to completely transform his motorcycle - from a comfortable cruising bike to a racing bike with the equivalent performance. The SAF system gives the motorcycle manufacturer the opportunity to change with a mouse click the complete character of the bike right up to the start of serial production – saving on expensive and time-consuming tests and adaption work.

  • WP is in a position to fall back on existing products to use as a basis for the adaptation to the SAF technology. The SAF system from WP can be redesigned if necessary to meet the customer’s requirements 100%.

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