Shock Absorber PDS

Adjustable shock absorber for progressive spring action – for any motorcycle model of any type which has the shock absorber attached directly onto the swing arm (PDS=Progressive Damping System). Fully adjustable on 3 absorption levels: low speed compression, high speed compression and rebound damping.

Technical Data

Assembly length 100% custom-built to order
Stroke depth 100% custom-built to order
Diameter Piston rod 14-18mm, Tube 40-50mm
Suitable for Street, Offroad, Race, ATV

Overview of success factors

  • The pre-loaded oil in the damping unit ensures constant shock absorption even at high compression speeds, with the result that the traction is better, the performance improved and tyre abrasion reduced. The progression at the end ( to prevent bottoming out) is set 100% individually for each motorcycle. The unit can be adjusted within seconds to the various levels – low speed compression, high speed compression and rebound damping – with normal tools and without professional help, setting the correct pre-load for the road, the rider and his style of riding.

  • Because of the better traction, the engine performance can be improved by up to 30% using the PDS shock absorber from WP as opposed to a non-adjustable system.The suspension system was designed, constructed and tuned to function at high compression speeds of even 3m per sec.- and has been well tested in the toughest road and off road conditions. By adjusting the spring rate, setting and progression  it can be adapted to the customer’s requirements and it allows the bike to be adjusted from its normal “road mode” to a setting perfectly geared to the conditions of each particular racing track, showing a drastic improvement in lap times.

  • In contrast to other suppliers, the PDS shock absorbers are preset by WP 100% to the individual specifications of the motorcycle prior to supply. In addition, technical updates and know-how from the racing circuit are  passed on with regularity to the assembly line. The basic concept of the PDS shock absorbers from the WP series production is identical to that used for racing series such as the Enduro World Championship.

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