Shock Absorber EDS

Shock absorber with electronic adjustment of the damping system (electronic damping system= EDS). For any model of motorcycle where the shocks are attached directly onto the swing arm. Easy to operate control switch on handlebar: electronic adjustment for damping levels – normal, comfort or sport – and for load conditions – 1 person, 2 persons or 1 person with luggage.

Technical Data

Assembly length 100% custom-built to order
Stroke depth 100% custom-built to order
Diameter 14-18mm piston rods, 40-50mm tube
Suitable for Street, Offroad

Overview of success factors

  • A press of the button adjusts the shock to the required damping level in just a second while riding  and the load adjustment takes max. 10 seconds while stationary. The perfect, tailor-made solution for any road surface, rider or style of riding.

  • You have three bikes in one if you have EDS suspension. The wide range of adjustment, up to 20% of the damping resistance, completely alters the balance of the bike from a comfort level for long tours to a normal level for daily use or a sporty level for use on the race track. An important factor is the riding safety in all  riding modes and the safe installation of the EDS - which can basically be done by any motorcyclist with adequate experience.

  • The electronic damping system EDS  was developed and patented by WP. All other systems that have appeared since are mere replicas. None of these can compete with the extensive know-how that WP has gathered over the past 10 years as the original manufacturer of the system. The quality and simplicity of the original WP electronic damping system are unbeatable.

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