Steering damper with fine individual adjustment, purpose-built for race-oriented motorcyclists and professional road racers. Wider setting range than the standard WP steering damper. Extension of the setting range into the harder levels. Turning knob to operate 32 settings while in motion.

Technical Data

Size 75mm stroke
Piston diameter 15mm
Piston rod diameter 8 mm
Suitable for Race, Street

Overview of success factors

  • The WP competition steering damper achieves a high level of motorcycle stability especially at high speeds and under extreme riding conditions or strain during the race. The double chamber system is filled with special oil under vacuum and the expansion chamber compensates the heat expansion, ensuring constant damping properties even when subjected to long and harsh treatment. High grade components such as anodised, CNC milled aluminium combined with high grade bearings, special seals and polished piston rods all contribute to minimal friction and a fine response.

  • WP invests its entire know how from the racing circuit in each adjustable WP competition steering damper. The system allows the performance-oriented rider or professional motorcycle racer to adjust the bike at any time to suit the varying track and weather conditions. The result: better handling and significantly faster lap times.

  • The adjustable WP competition steering damper is absolutely identical in construction to those used by the racing teams fitted out by WP. The well known motorcycle racers who have won countless World Championship titles using our parts provide a continuous flow of information which is applied to the optimisation of the WP competition steering damper.

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