Very wide range of use due to two closed cartridge systems (4CS and standard), both fully adjustable with settings for compression and rebound damping. Weight-optimised unit – less than 8 Kg total weight. Extremely fine response sensitivity due to the good quality surface coating on both outer and inner tubes which minimise friction losses.

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Technical Data

Diameter 48mm inner tube
Assembly length standard 940/300 mm, custom-built to order
Terminal clamp diameter standard bottom/ top: 60/54, custom-built to order
Suitable for Street, Offroad

Overview of success factors

  • Oil is pre-loaded in the damping unit, meaning that there is constant shock absorption even at high compression speeds The unit can be individually adjusted to suit each track and personal style of riding using individual compression or rebound damping settings ( 4CS system adjustable while in motion). The high quality workmanship means that maintenance between services can be avoided.

  • The closed cartridge system was developed especially for high compression speeds and can even compensate compression speeds of up to 8m/sec (equivalent to 29 km per hr). The WP closed cartridge system has been designed, tuned and tested for the toughest use in off-road sport and the spring rate, setting and progression can all be adjusted to suit the individual driver’s needs. The wide setting range allows the bike to be ideally adjusted for the conditions on a particular race track, showing a great improvement in the lap times.
  • In contrast to other suppliers, WP pretunes the WP closed cartridge system 100% to the specifications of each motorcycle prior to supply. Regular technical updates on each model year are promptly assimilated in the production. The basic principle of the closed cartridge system is identical to that used in the different racing series such as Motocross, Supercross or Enduro World Championships, classics like the Erzberg Rodeo or for road races such as Moto 3 or RC8 Superbike.

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